2020 Virtual Empower: An Event Designed for Patients and Healthcare Providers

October 3, 2020 

Clinical Conversations  

Dr. Reshma Mahtani | University of Miami
Dr. Elisa Krill Jackson | University of Miami
Dr. Priyanka Grover | Wiin Health
Dr. June Lee | Breast Specialists of South Florida
Dr. Karen Koffler | University of Miami

Managing Stress & Anxiety through COVID19

Oana Danciu, MD | University of Illinois 

The Importance of Advocacy Organizations throughout the Journey

Alison Banikowski | Susan G. Komen Kansas & Western Missouri

Balancing your Body | Using Food as Medicine 

Salima Witt | Kidney Cancer Patient Advocate


Dr. Jennifer Klemp | University of Kansas

Patient Testimony 

Heather Wright Renick

Energize and Move  

Sami Mansfield | Cancer Wellness for Life

Stop Medical Distancing

Monica Yepes | University of Miami

The Pledge: “I pledge to schedule and attend my routine cancer screenings. I pledge to contact and visit healthcare professionals to get the care I need. I pledge to use my voice, platform, and network to advocate for others to do the same.”
To take the pledge, go to Change.org, www.change.org/stopmedicaldistancing

Coping with Cancer: A Fresh Approach Presented by Sharsheret

Melissa Rosen | Director of Training and Education at Sharsheret

Sharsheret is a national not-profit organization that provides free psychosocial support to women and families impacted by breast or ovarian cancer or genetic mutations that raise diagnostic risk. In addition to Sharsheret’s team of social workers and a genetic counselor who are available for support, Sharsheret has several formal programs to help navigate the cancer experience. These include peer support, Embrace for those living with metastatic disease, Family Focus for caregivers, Best Face Forward to help women deal with the cosmetic side effects of treatment, Busy Box for families with young children, Thriving Again survivorship kit, and so much more!

All Sharsheret’s support programs are free and open to all. Visit us at www.sharsheret.org or call us at (866) 474-2774.
Questions about the presentation? You can reach the presenter directly at mrosen@sharsheret.org.
Interested in receiving free support or free kits? Contact info@sharsheret.org

MyBCTeam: The Social Network For Women Facing Breast Cancer

Mary Ray | Co-founder & COO at MyBCTeam

MyBCTeam is a free and private social network for women living with breast cancer. Join the 50,000 other women who are already members of MyBCTeam. 

MyBCTeam is the only social network where you can truly connect, make real friendships, and share daily ups and downs in a judgment-free place. MyBCTeam should not only provide you emotional support through the social network, but also be a resource for practical tips, personal experiences, and even referrals to other great doctors from the community.

Sign up FREE at MyBCTeam.


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